[Northkeep] St. Ignore de Message, revisited

Keith Duke KDUKE at fwmurphy.com
Wed Nov 10 13:43:09 PST 2004

The Irish version of St. Ignore de Message... Is a bit *different* than
other versions... 

All music is done on bhodran and pipes, and the girls get to use a
replica Salmon of Knowledge (usually a hard-frozen carp) to *vigorously*
show signs of courting acceptance by the local lads by whapping them on
the head when the sauerkraut necklaces are exchanged (after the
ceremonial bread tossing and pickle juice drinking)


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Well YOU'RE the one who mentioned Reubens! I COULDN'T HELP IT! 
I bet the Irish could create some of the most elaborate and durable
Saurkraut necklaces, being the masters of knot-work that they are...
With bits of swiss cheese, corned beef and rye bread woven within... How
elegant! Hey, at least they don't have the bratwursts dangling from them
like the Germans!


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Bad Girl, naughty, naughty, you.

banging head on desk trying to remove that image

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> PS-Do you suppose the Irish celebrate Ignore de Message? If I remember

> correctly, there was saurkraut involved in that festival...
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> Kilkenny's is a good resturant with great Irish pub atmosphere.  
> Prices aren't bad and they make a great Ruben.  They're on 15th 
> between lewis & riverside.
> Tamberlin

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