[Northkeep] A call out to drummers & dancers

Lil Brat barbour clown_lilbrat at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 16 05:48:03 PST 2004

Where is Bartlesville from Tulsa? How Far and such?
I will not head up anything but, if it is within 50 miles of my front door I will comment to coming and participating twice a month.  I play melody for middle eastern dancers.

fintan at cableone.net wrote:
Hi ya this Is Fiontan from Chemin Noir {Bartlesville OK}.
Us75.com café is in need of new life and activity to keep it 
Going. I suggested a weekly hafla but there only contact with 
Any eastern drumming and dancing is me. I do not have the 
Expertise to start it off myself but If someone can help I know
That there is interest in town for this kind of music/get together
To keep it going. We are looking at Monday nights and the café 
has a space that Would be perfect for it. 
If anyone is interested it helping heading 
Up this project let me know. Michael

Fiontan {Michael Quigley}
fintan at cableone.net

PS cantact me about this not the cafe. I am still 
trying to explane what a Hafla is and prove that ther 
is people wiling to lend a hand. I realy want somthing 
like this in Bartlesville so people can loosen up a little. 

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