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> Final Round
> Earl Aaron vs Earl Ulstead
> The king had private comments for both, the consorts hugged, then
> shortly thereafter the first bout  began.  LAY ON!
> Ulstead threw the first blow... they met face to face a number of
> times, but no blow was landeced. Then Ulstead legged Aaron, then asked
> him to yield. Aaron declined respectfully, then  a thrust to Ulstead's
> face was swiftly blocked. He retured the fire to Aaron's face.
> 1st round= Earl Ulstead
> Aggressive shots thrown by both Aaron & Ulstead, but they also held
> true to a tight defenses. Then Ulstead received a shot to the face.
> 2nd round = Earl Aaron
> Long and hard-fought, they continue to bout. Aaron & Ulstead exchange
> words and laugh as brother knights. Both are breathing hard and
> exhausted from the day's fighting, but niether slow their speed. Hold
> is called.... Ulstead's swrod comes loose from his grip. All well
> again, they continue. Ulstead shield requires repair, and is attended
> to by Duke Patrick Michael. Earl Aaron asks His Majesty if "we have a
> couple of days?". To which the King's reply was "You have 3 months!"
> The bout again starts.  More face-to-face engagemeny, but no blows
> were landed. Then Ulstead once again takes Aaron's leg. Ulstead asks
> his oponent, "My brother, are you prepared?" Aaron nods, and they
> engage.  In a pause, Aaron asked Ulstead  if he cares to join him on
> the ground. Ulstead replies, "I'm afraid I'd never get back up again".
> Aaron in turn asks "then would you yield?". The crowd laughs, then the
> end of the bout.............
> With a blow to the face, Ulstead takes the lyste and is the new Crown
> Prince of Ansteorra!
> Vivat!!!
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