[Northkeep] Re: Rivers Run Battle for the Runnen

John Glenn glnn_jhn at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 12 13:54:43 PDT 2004

Does anybody know IN DETAIL what there will be in the way of Heavy Combat?

Deborah Sweet <dssweet at okstate.edu> wrote:
>This event is being held at camp Cimaron, just south of Moonschadowe, and 
>the first event for the Canton of Rivers Run. 

A word of warning for those traveling to this event - this weekend is 
OSU's Homecoming. The walkaround is Friday night, the parade is Saturday 
morning & football later. Avoid traveling through Mooneschadowe if at all 
possible. And be careful traveling towards Mooneschadowe - there will be a 
lot of traffic heading this way (Texas A&M fans travel). Personally, I 
think anyone traveling from Northkeep should stay away from the Cimarron 
Turnpike & HWY 51. HWY 33 sounds like a much better choice. As far as 
eating establishments go - the ones in Stillwater will be packed. I can 
recommend Jalopies & the pizza place in Perkins on HWY 33. Both are pretty 

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