[Northkeep] Melee's at Dionadair

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Wed Oct 13 08:59:36 PDT 2004


There's been a few questions about the melees so here is a brief
description of my intent.

Once the pairings are drawn for a round, each person in the pair will be
assigned a "team" of people for that round.  You are now the leader and
need to determine what weapons each member of your team needs to be
using based on your knowledge of their abilities and the scenario to be
fought.  Next melee round the teams get redrawn.  

The size of the teams will be entirely based on how many fighters I have
available to work with.  These people will be fighting _alot_!  So, if
you know some out of town folks who'd like to come over, fight, and
party with us, start leaning on 'em.  Remember, this tourney is fought
as part of Northkeep's fighters practice so they don't have to be
authorized, just comfortable with what they will face in the
environment, and satisfy our KM that they'll be safe.  Please pass this
note onto other people and lists which might have people interested in
helping out.  

Thankfully, several folks have stepped up to the plate and we're working
to make sure we get the hay bales there.  


	])amon, 10th Dionadair 

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