[Northkeep] Rivers Run Event?

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Sun Oct 17 19:26:15 PDT 2004

Have you ever been to one of those small really laid back,  just plain fun,
SCA events?

The Incipient Canton of Rivers Run seemed to pulled together all the right
elements to have just that kind of event. Although not a large event they
had a good attendance, and made a healthy profit. I personally would have
liked to of seen more of Northkeep and the other groups in the Northern
Region represented there but I was pleased to see the numbers I did,
especially against the Baronial Investiture in the south.

Rivers Run has so much to be proud of at this event, the people were
friendly, the feast twas filling, and the fighting was glorious. At one
point I saw a fighter struck aside the helm with such a blow that he
literally flew off his feet like a ballet dancer in pirouette. I chuckled
along with the crowd to see the light fighters dueling it out with Rapier
and Compliment.

I saw works of artisans displayed that would rival any masters work.

I heard the drums beating long into the night, and watched the dancers
spinning and moving to the call of the drums, I paused by warm fires where
the bards told tales and sang songs that took one to another time and place,
and every where was the sound of laughter.

I do hope to see this group move on to full status one day soon so that they
can continue to offer such relaxing and enjoyable events.

Indeed Rivers Run has much to be proud of...but the Barony of Wiesenfeuer
has even more to be proud of, for they have a canton who has embraced and
embodied the Dream that is the SCA.

Kind Regards,
H.L. Ian Dun Gillan

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