[Northkeep] Identifying fabrics (was: linen-rayon blends...?)

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There is also the bleach test- put a small scrap- about thumbnail size
in bleach over night- any wool or silk (protein fibers) will dissolve,
any synthetic  or bast (cotton, linen) fibers will remain- great for
checking to see if your wool is a blend or 100%.
HTH, Pyro

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Talana would be the better one to answer this. Hopefully she will see
post and add her wisdom to it. I know that one of the ways you can tell 
synthetic is with a "burn test."  Take a small bit of the fabric and
light it with a 
match. If the charred remains looks like a clump that melted together
melted plastic), it is a pretty sure bet you have a synthetic. Natural
will not react that way, they will simply char and turn to ash. Another
is a 
"crush" test, grab a palmful of fabric and squeeze it, if it wrinkles it
is most 
likely, at least in large part, a natural fiber. If it does not wrinkle
at all, 
most likely it is synthetic. Now that is not an absolute, some natural
spring back well, and I have known some synthetic to wrinkle, but it is
good general rule of thumb.
Hope that helps!
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