[Northkeep] The Blue Ribbon Still Eludes...

Anawyn@aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Tue Oct 19 21:03:08 PDT 2004

Well, my brewmeister Egswyth was very disappointed that his schwartzbier, 
"Eat My Schwartz," only came in 3rd at the regional wild brew. However, there 
were nearly twice as many entries this year, and from states a lot further away. 
This is usually a Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma sort of thing, but with 
just shy of 300 entries this year, 3rd place is still not shabby.
There were brewers from Minnesota, Ohio, one from New York, Texas, and 
Montana. Unbelievable! The folks from Minnesota were grabbing most of the ribbons 
(foreigners!!) which is certainly not unexpected, but who know they would come 
this far to compete.
Anyway, if you are interested, I am sure Egswyth could be persuaded to share 
some of the winning brew, so just ask him when you come to Dionadair Revel.
See you there!

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