[Northkeep] Dionader Posters?

Graue, Chris Chris.Graue at benham.com
Thu Oct 21 08:21:54 PDT 2004

I thought it was Dionadair? Even then, the end is "air" with a d on the
front, which still sounds like DARE... But it takes a morbid person, or
someone with WAY too much time on their hands, to see these things. I'm
always looking at license plates while I'm driving. One of the best ones
I ever saw was on a black Cougar... It said "BAGHERA". In my dad's car
magazine, when I was young, they did an article on vanity plates, and
there was one that said POLOCK, but they put it on the car up-side-down,
lmao. I must admit, I did not see die on a dare as you did... I bow to
your creative sight... I thought I was bad, but I did not see that


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If you break the word, dionadar, down into phonetics (much as people
tend to do on license plates) You could read the word as dionadar
(die-on-a-dare)...Has anyone else ever noticed this?


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