[Northkeep] Howdy - Rock Show

Diana Hartzmann diana.hartzmann at developingexcellence.com
Fri Oct 22 06:47:19 PDT 2004

Unto the Populace of Northkeep,

I just wanted to let ya'll know that the Gem and Mineral Show will be taking
place at the Tulsa Event Center at 31/Memorial the weekend of 10/30-31 -
next weekend.  The hours are 9-7 on Saturday and 10-5 on Sunday.  I know
there are some who are already familiar with the show.  It's a great place
to find all kinds of wonderful goodies and see beautiful items and learn
lots of interesting information.  Hope to see ya'll there.

If you'd like more information or encouragement, you can talk to me at


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