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With this in mind, gentle populace, keep an eye out for people that you
don't recognize at our populace meeting tonight and in the future at
practices and such.  Take a moment to say hello and introduce yourself.  It
doesn't help us to draw new people if we can't keep them. :)


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Greetings Northkeep and all our present friends,

The Dionadair Demo went very well this weekend. We had fighting, and
artisans, musicians, displays, food, and lots of friendly folks to meet and
greet. Congratulations to our new champions I look forward to your
leadership on the field at gulf war.

I wish to extend my most sincere thanks to all those both near and far who
came out and contributed to making the day go so well. Also to their
Excellencies Ainar and Mercedes, Lady Faolan, H.L Damon, Lord Facon, and
Lady Anawyn, Lord Wilhelm, and H.E. Elizabetta things would not have been
the same with out the help of you all. An especial thanks to Milady Adiernan
(sp) who brought heraldic coloring  and beads for the children to and who
did such a fantastic job of dealing with the public.

The demo scored an ad in the Urban Tulsa, an announcement on the Channel 6
morning News, several community calendars, and of course all the locations
where posters were placed. The crowds of public visitors we had during the
day mentioned hearing about the SCA from all the different sources so our
efforts at advertising went very well indeed. The channel 2 news camera was
even out to take some pictures, even if it was only during tear down. Just
from the interactions I saw during the day I think we may have made several
strongly interested parties. Time will tell how much interest we were able
to generate as the new people trickle in.

Again Northkeep you Rock! I could not have asked for a better demo. I hope
everyone enjoyed the day as much if not more than I did.

Kind Regards
H.L. Ian Dun Gillan
Hospitaler for Greatest Barony in the Known World

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