[Northkeep] FW: BOH After Action Report.

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Tue Oct 26 05:49:34 PDT 2004

Hearty congrtulations to our Moonschadowe friends.

I've just gotta ask...Who played the golf ball?  Did he survive with a
minimum of injuries?  [Don't understand? Read the message below.]


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> From: Paul Byers [mailto:mightypav at yahoo.com] 
> Now that was a great event!
>  From the first visitor's hearty "We're here!" on Friday to 
> the solemn "farewells" on Sunday this was a good time.
> The Grim-Music group accounted for ourselves well.   We impressed both
> visitors and our own who haven't been coming to practice.  
> The fighting was fast and fun with just the right amount of 
> horrifying violence mixed in.
> (Valens is a Brute!  But he is our Brute!)  The A&S was 
> happening.  The tavern did well and had good food. The Steak 
> Thang came off with out a hitch and our revel was Soooo much 
> fun the mundanes left their party to join ours. (It was 
> homecoming weekend and our party was better.)  The breakfast 
> and leave taking also was a success.  The weather was perfect 
> for every stage of Blood of Hero's.
> The little dance "ball" that the Grim-Musicians sponsored was 
> a blast.  We played a total of 4.5 hours and the dancers 
> seemed to enjoy a clean, flat and sheltered floor.  The 
> musicians were on a nice raised platform with very good 
> acoustics.  Quite a few passer by just stopped in to play a 
> drum with us.
> With years of experience the BOH tournament ran like clock 
> work.  The league took the field and then there was 4.5 hours 
> of mayhem.  The team from Mooneshadowe won in a squeaker in a 
> non-standard overtime. There were some memomerable penally 
> box plays I will leave it to other to confess.
> The tavern was a donation only but served two kinds of quiche 
> and a very good hearty stew,  as well as donuts and other 
> small snacks.
> With 4 big grills and over a hundred years of grilling 
> experience available the Steak Thang rocked!  By the time 
> folks got there in earnest to cook there were 60lb of baked 
> tuber with the "fixens" to keep them going till
> their grilled item was hot and steaming on their plate.   
> 'Drix got a keg
> of Killian's Red to wash down the grill.  The weather was so 
> nice that no one really wanted to revel inside.  So we just 
> filled my front yard from house to street.  With a song 
> circle breaking out on the fist set of steps.
> And really going when the sports bra's and pixy sticks broke 
> out! The broccoli story was told to a young Ansteorran in the 
> wee hours. (with hill to work with and two royal Peer for the 
> throwing was good loft and hang
> time.)  At 2am I finally gave it up and it was still steaming strong.
> When I got up at 6am to cook breakfast there was only the 
> random scattered body in the yard and on the floor. Many pots 
> of very good coffee,  7 dozen eggs worth of omelets and many 
> dozen Natalia waffles seemed to rouse and cheer all the 
> survivors who came to make their farewells.
> We once more showed why the rule; "No matter where you are, 
> no matter what you are doing,,  Grimfells is having more fun" 
> was coined.
> Great time guys, sorry if you missed. Was like the events of old....
> Pav

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