[Northkeep] Ensign/Dionader

Ian Dun Gillan ian1550 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 24 07:50:44 PDT 2005

This is one of the issues with finding a site...that is we need land where
we can set up our pavilions. Most of the pavilions require the placement of
stakes. No ground no stakes, no stakes, no pavilions. An all day long
tournament with out shade Pavilions is not a good idea.

We also need close access to toilets, and hopefully public foot traffic.

Further the Parks fees are not a flat $500 I am know that is a rough
estimate of their charges. There is also the cost of off duty police for
security. And they frown on using stakes so much so that I think there is a
charge for using tents that use stakes. They have all of their rules up on
the Tulsa Parks web site. If we went the way of the Tulsa Parks I would
suggest River Parks some where near the Soccer Fields. If we were going
fishing for donations then we would need to get the Seneschal, Reeve, and
their Excellencies involved and we would need to do it quick. Tulsa Parks
require you to apply for such events well ahead of time.

Also I just now this morning  got a hold of some one at OSU Tulsa.

The events coordinator for OSU Tulsa (not Dr. Mary Drummond) Jaclyn Tucker
said that is sounded good but she needed to check with secuirty and grounds
keeping as well as her Admin. She will be checking with those involved to
see if there is any issue with us using their lands. I should hear back from
her some time next week.

If people want to investigate their various locations/costs/rules and then
bring that information to Populace on Monday we could maybe discuss it
further then.


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