[Northkeep] Narnia

Gisela giselavonwolfsburg at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 20:06:47 PST 2005

I got to see it last night and I think it was pretty good... got free passes
to see a special screening at Southroads 20... so not only have I already
seen it, but it was FREE!! WOO HOO!!! Oh, sorry... well, it had very good
animation, although I wouldn't rate it with Lord of the Rings... but there
are a lot of animals and their movement and hair flow is very realistic! The
Menotaurs were done by Henson Creature shop, if I remember correctly from
watching a Behind the Scenes special I saw months ago... I can't comment on
the accuracy of the movie as I've never read the books (gasp!)... nope,
never read LotR, either...

Anyway, my kids, my mom and I all enjoyed it as a movie and I'm sure most of
you will, too... your results may vary... but I think it was worth the hour
or more wait to get in (you have to get there early with free passes, or you
may not get in at all). Dawn French voiced a beaver, Liam Neeson was
Aslan... didn't really catch any other voices... although there was a wolf
that sounded oddly familiar... OH! and there was a talking Griffon! COOL!
But I suppose all creatures in Narnia talk, don't they?

BTW-if you plan on seeing it, I believe it's just over 2 hours long... not
as long as the LAST movie I saw (Harry Potter), but still longer than most
these days... FYI

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