[Northkeep] Northern Regional Fighters Practice - Gulf Wars

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner BurgBorrendohl at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 29 18:28:21 PST 2005

Guten Tag,
Northkeep is now on the Marshalate calendar to host the Northern
Regional Fighters Practice for the weekend of March 4-5.  This will
offer the fighting community a final chance to tune up for Gulf.  The
plan, as it stands now, is to have the practice on
Sat. with Sunday as a foul weather backup. Unless anyone can come up
with better suggestions I expect we'll hold the practice at McClure park
starting about noon.  [If anyone can come up with a location where
combat archery will be allowed please chime in.  We need to come up with
a specific time and location before Syr Owen can start promoting it to
the region at large.]

Does the Rapier Marshalate have any plans for a pre-Gulf workout?  Can
this be done in conjunction with the Armored NRFP?

Are there those willing to put up crash space for those who decide to
come from out of town and stay to revel?  Sir Balvin and Lady Franchesca
have offered to host a revel and crash space for some.  Any other
offers?  Ideally we should contact Grimfells, Bois D'Arc, and Smythkeep
and ask them if they'd like to attend as well though I don't want the
revel to grow to proportions unwelcome to the host and hostess.

Officers, this is a good chance to put together a recruiting demo, etc.
       I would like to hear some discussion of ways to promote interest,
get new comers out for the day, and so on.   We have 2 month's, are
there any other ways we can take advantage of this opportunity to assist
the growth of our Barony at large in addition to sharpening the skills
of the fighting community?

This activity can either be something that only the fighters will get
something out of or our Barony as a whole.  The former requires only the
fighters to show up.  The latter requires something from all of us.
What'll it be?  I want to hear a lot of voices in this discussion.

Sa'par Servu.
	Herr-Domr Damon Hroarsson, THL Borrendöhl
	Seneshal Northkeep

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