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zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Fri Dec 2 11:31:28 PST 2005

I'd submitted paperwork for two classes that I don't see on the list (turned in 
paperwork to Lady Kale on 11/23): 

* Introduction to Middle Eastern Dance  
Middle Eastern Dance is a fluid and graceful dance form that uses both linear 
and circular movements as its foundation.  This class will focus on the most 
basic of these movements, by utilizing them in a 'technique drill' created by 
the Egyptian choreographer, Reda.

* Waterbearing 101 with co-instructor Rayhanna Jamilla el-Mukhite
Waterbearing 101 is a course designed to formally introduce the newest 
standards set forth in Ansteorra for Waterbearing.  Students of all levels (or 
lack thereof) of experience are very welcome. We'll discuss sanitization, 
equipment, policies on non-contact waterbearing, and general info on running a 
waterbearing station.  A course material packet will be provided.

- Zubeydah

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