[Northkeep] Winterkingdom

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Dec 12 07:58:22 PST 2005

Greetings All,
Winterkingdom was a good event. If you missed Winterkingdom you missed a
really nice quiet, laid back event with loads of good classes and some
really fine friendship. I only wish there had been more people there to
share in the day.

The Autocrats seemed to go thru the event with out any problems. The site
was prefect for a college/class event, being in the Saint Peter and Paul
school. The schedule was filled with all manner of interesting looking
classes. I spent most of my day involved in conversations and did not get to
take all of the classes I would have liked, but the conversation was well
worth it. I did finally get to take Master Dairmaid's documentation class
which has been on my short list for a while.

The soup tavern went well and I imagine that everyone will likely agree that
the friendly faces serving in the tavern were as warming as the soup.

The feast was offered by three brand new cooks and in my opinion they did a
fine job for their first feast. Aderan's bread was also really good, the
rolls fresh from the oven melted the butter and were a good compliment to
the dishes served.

Their Excellencies Ainar and Mercedes were as always gracious hosts. The
court at the end of the day was short and sweet, filled with some really
deserving awards.

Thank you Northkeep and all of those who traveled to this fine Barony for
making Winterkingdom a memorable event.

With kind regards and best wished for the holiday season,

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