[Northkeep] What matters the most?

Montega montega at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 18:26:59 PST 2005

>From an email a few days ago....

"The Gulf Wars site, King's Arrow Ranch, did take quite a bit of damage.
There are MANY trees down in just about every area of the site.  The owner
of KAR has made the site available to any SCA group that would like to go
and work on clean up of their areas.  If any group in Ansteorra would like
to make a trip to the site to do clean up, I just ask that you let my land
deputy, Lady Honor Dubois, know that you are planning a trip.  She can be
reached by email at mysticflacon at onebox.com.  At this time, there is not a
Kingdom wide trip planned.  If a group or individual would like to take up
this task, please drop me an email at ansteorra at gulfwars.org."

 To volunteer is a great thing. However. I would like to put a little
drop of reality to this. Everyone wants to be sure the GW site is good
to go and all that. Anyone who knows me knows this is my favorite
event. BUT... let us not forget that the owner of this site has
insurance, not to mention FEMA help. He has a way to clean this site.
So while people are packing up and taking road trips to go help out,
please remember you are driving right past members of SCA populace who
have lost their homes and still have extensive damage and so forth.
Gulf War is for fun. Real life should come first. If you are going to
volunteer time and effort, do it wisely. I realize this email might
piss a few people off but I got a private email from someone kind of
bashing me for not running out to help clean up the Gulf War site, and
well... it bothered me. So I thought I would just raise this little
look at reality publicly (No the quote above is not the email I am
talking about)


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