[Northkeep] Linen/Rayon blend: $1.60 per yard

zubeydah at northkeep.org zubeydah at northkeep.org
Wed Dec 28 07:23:57 PST 2005

Good morning:

While browsing through JoAnne fabrics (41st & Yale location), I spotted three 
bolts of various lengths, of the same midnight blue linen/rayon blend. This was 
discounted from $9.00 to it's current price of $4.00.  I'm not sure if the sale 
is still going on, but Clearance fabrics (of which this linen blend was one), 
was discounted an additional amount, bringing it down to $1.60 a yard.

The clearance fabric is located on the far right wall when you enter the store, 
and the linen was on the bottom half of the shelves, approximately 2/3rds of 
the way towards the right side of the wall. (The entire wall section is 
clearance fabric, so I figure directions might not hurt :>  )

- Zubeydah

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