[Northkeep] OT request

Geoffrey Makepeace geoffrey_makepeace at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 7 07:07:22 PST 2005

sorry for not being clear..
  what I had in mind was written by folks TO the troops

zubeydah at Northkeep.org wrote:
  Quoting Geoffrey Makepeace :

> Greetings
> I am collecting holiday cards to send to the troops overseas. If you would
> like to help please bring any you would like to donate to winter kingdom. If
> you would like to sign them thats great, if you would like to put your return
> address on them thats awesome,
> if you would put a stamp on it that would be wonderful. however any help
> you can give is great. 


Could you clarify:

- are these cards being written TO soldiers by folks?
- are these cards FOR soldiers, for their own use?
- both?



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