[Northkeep] dissapearing posts...

Jennifer Carlson talana1 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 7 17:23:20 PST 2005

Jean Paul wrote:
>Is there a more sensible manner to communicate last minute business?  Of 
>course you could state "Well, there shouldn't be any last minute business", 
>but last minute business happens.  Should she call all 200+ people in the 
>barony?  send them a letter?  semaphore? short wave? cb radio?  television 

It's been some years now, but back when only about half of us had any kind 
of net access and that tended to lock up frequently, we used a - gasp - 
phone tree.  Each officer was responsible for a range of the alphabet.  The 
Seneschal would call the officers, and they in turn would call their portion 
of the list.  I did this more than a few times while Herald.

Seems to me, a combination of phone tree AND posting to the Northkeep list 
should cover the Barony as well as it can be covered in getting word out 
about last-minute changes.  I think it's what my elementary school teachers 
called a "compromise."

In servicio,


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