[Northkeep] badge.....Me too, please!!

Robert Stewart skerritheviking at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 27 11:41:08 PST 2005

Hey, this is Ld. Skerri Valtorsson in Tucson/Barony Tir Ysgithr.  I would really like to have a badge, too!  Can I somehow get one?  It should fit in an envelope, and I will reimburse the person who sends one to me.  And a Chemin Noir one, if they have made them yet, too.
  We all miss you very much!
  Lord Skerri, Lady Annis, M'lady Heather

Montega <montega at gmail.com> wrote:
  Who do I get a Northkeep patch from? I had one from a while back but I
wanted to get a few more.


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