[Northkeep] Dance class at winterkingdom?

Deborah Sweet dssweet at okstate.edu
Mon Jan 3 08:55:43 PST 2005

>Was this class taught at wInterkingdom after all? I didn't remember
>seeing it on the list of classes, or I might have tried harder to get
>there... I'll be ok if I know I didn't miss it.


        No, I didn't teach any dance class - between recovering from 
bronchitis & realizing that I had no baby sitter I also was unable to 
attend wInterkingdom.

        Anytime Northkeep wants to organize a dance practice type thing, 
let me know - I'll come over and teach. It might be necessary to provide 
someone to watch the kids, though (camp grandpa and camp aunt lizzie might 
not be available).


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