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Mon Jan 10 13:54:09 PST 2005

OK folks, time to bother you again.  I know there are several people who have moved to the Barony  and or the Canton within the past year that I don't have names and information for.   So I need you to tell me who you are and what awards you have. 

Names to add:
Llewellyn (remainder of your name?)

The following rather long list is those who will have pages in the next publishing of the Domesday book. 
If you see any who should be there tell me.  If I have your name misspelled tell me.  If you see any who have moved or become inactive please let me know.  If I have you incorrectly listed for removal I need to know.  I really don't think we have 130+ active members. Also, there are a few who have asked to be excluded.  If you feel similarly... 

Remember, this book is for the populace of Northkeep and Cantons.  If you are registered as a member of a different group, strong arm someone in your group to make a version of the book for you.  I'll provide a template.

1.	Abigail Grace Le Grey
2.	Adalia Nyx Vonderburg
3.	Ælfwyn Webbestre
4.	Aelis of Aldri Tree
5.	Ainar Magnusson
6.	Aisling Donnelly
7.	Alex Blackwolf
8.	Alexander Marchand
9.	Alton le Peto
10.	Amanda Blackwolf
11.	Ana Maria Mercedes de Cerdanya
12.	Anaka de Ravenna
13.	Andrew Selwyn.
14.	Angelique de la Fontaine
15.	Angus Macdhaid Gunn
16.	Angus MacKnockard
17.	Anna Beneyt Atte wode
18.	Anora de Bardolphe -"Anawyn"
19.	Anthony of Northkeep
20.	Aoifa of Chemin Noir
21.	Arthur Blackmoon
22.	Avi ben Yonatan
23.	Balvin Thorfinsson
24.	Beorhtlic Fokwineson
25.	Brigid MacCana
26.	Caitlin
27.	Carlyle du Troyes
28.	Catan ingen Cairthinn
29.	Catin de Mortaine
30.	Catrin ferch Gwillym o Gonway
31.	Charinthalis Del Sans
32.	Ciana O'Hara
33.	Colin Oisin Donabhan ua Nail
34.	Cunovinda ingen Choinnich (Tamberlin) 
35.	Dairmaid O'Dunn
36.	Damon Hroarsson, Herr-Domr Borrendöhl
37.	Debroa bat Yosef
38.	Diethelm Waltorfer
39.	Dirgelion D'Aubigny
40.	Dunstana Talana the Violet
41.	Eggswith Bacon
42.	Eleanor de la Nois
43.	Elisabeta of Rundel
44.	Elisabetta af Isafjord
45.	Elizabeth Christianne de Calais
46.	Elizabeth of Northkeep
47.	Elspeth McClung
48.	Erderick Bridgewater
49.	Erik Bloodaxe
50.	Etienne de St. Amaranth
51.	Etroma ferch Donal
52.	Evan Der Fultime
53.	Facon du Pray
54.	Fáelán mac Cathail
55.	Faolan MacFarland
56.	Fintan O'Quigg
57.	Franchesca d'Asissi
58.	Gabriela Alatea D'Avila
59.	Galiwyn
60.	George of Northkeep
61.	Gerard de la Quartier
62.	Gretchen Janson 'Freya'
63.	Gwynlyan merch Glyn
64.	Hokumori Yoshiie
65.	Ian Dun Gillan
66.	Ikijima Katsutoshi
67.	Isabella del Bosque
68.	Istvan Temesvari
69.	Ivar
70.	James of Northkeep
71.	Janet Shearhart
72.	Jessamy of Wizards Keep
73.	Jochi Mergan (Kevin Michael Keary)
74.	Johann Wulfgang von Brandenburg 
75.	John Shearhart
76.	Kateryne la Esclopiera
77.	Kathy of Alton's Company
78.	Katlyn Vowles
79.	Kat'ryna Iana Stepanova
80.	Keigan Ujin of Ravensfair
81.	Kelandra Carmichael
82.	Kelly of Northkeep
83.	Kieran na Connaught
84.	Kieran na Connaught 
85.	Krys Blackwolf
86.	Lazarus von Keiserberg
87.	Liudrik Wilhelm
88.	Lothar Reichman
89.	Lucan Silverwolf
90.	Lynn the Inquisitive
91.	Madelina de Solares
92.	Marcus Quietly
93.	Margaret O'Neal
94.	Marta Dormani
95.	Michael of Northkeep 
96.	Moira O'Reardon 
97.	Morgana deBois deBoncountry
98.	Muirenn an Dalán~dé 
99.	Nadine des Jardin
100.	Ode (Alex of Northkeep)
101.	Odo de Paynes
102.	Olivia de Calais 
103.	Otar Thorvaldson (Draegan the Wanderer)
104.	Ottokar Luther von Holestine
105.	Piotr Balomirov syn Barsukov
106.	Ragnar Wolvesbane 
107.	Randal Lee Smith
108.	Rayya al-Kurtubiyya (Ismet al Din Bithia)
109.	Reichart Steiner
110.	Robin of Ravensfaire
111.	Rosamund Blaunchflur
112.	Seamus of Stanhus
113.	Serena Dominicci
114.	Siobhan inghean ui Dhomnaill
115.	Susan the Curious
116.	Susanna Blackthorne
117.	Susanna Le Peto
118.	Tamara de Montoya
119.	Theresa Maria Giovanni
120.	Thorfin Ulfson
121.	Thormund Blackwolf
122.	Thorvald Egilsson
123.	Tia De' Nial 
124.	Timothy le Corbusier
125.	Toinette de Cambrai
126.	Valstar Hawkwind
127.	Viggen Johnson
128.	Wilhelm de Kaalavo
129.	Wilhelm der Wulf von dem Schwarzwald
130.	Wynfrith of Mooneschadowe
131.	Yahaki no Masamune
132.	Ymma
133.	Zahava BatHannah
134.	Zaina Elaheh
135.	Zenobia Mira Vallis
136.	Zubeydah

Names which will be removed [Changed group, moved or extended inactivity]:

Aelis of Aldri Tree
Alanna of Caer du Pard
Alexander Marchand
Alystair Inglis
Angelina de Cornier
Anne McLoud
Anton Thoth Rukhkh
Baulsac the Impailer
Britta the Red
Catrin ferch Gwillym o Gonway
Chrimthonne du Bonne
Damon Xanthus
Donovan Fitzpatrik [Is he one of ours?]
Edmund Herrick
Fáelán mac Cathail
Grimm Ravenhair
Hatur of Middlegard
Isa van Reinholte
Kenneth Mc Kenzie
Livia Madeline Montgomery
Matias von Grace 
Magnus Fine hare Duffus
Merrik Vilterhar
Moon the lost
Pachomius Oneshoe 
Robert FitzMorgan
Rowen ni Coerc 
Skye Van Berkum
Suleyman Kayyam
Thomas Redhawk
Timothy of Northkeep
Tristen Felize
Walter Robin

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