[Northkeep] Anyone familiar with Precious Metal Clay?

Istvan Temesvari istvan.t at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 17:02:31 PST 2005

A Question for Northkeep Artisans:

I just got the latest Dick Blick art supply catalog and saw their
listing for Precious Metal Clay. Has anyone here used it to make
SCA-related items? It looks a lot easier than trying to cast or hammer
the usual stuff.

For those of you not familiar with it, it is a "clay" made from 90%
silver (or gold) particles, an organic binder, and water. After
forming it like other clays, it is fired in a kiln to bake off the
binder, and then polished. Its final composition is .999 fine silver.
(There is also a gold version, which will produce 22+ carat gold when
fired. Of course, the gold version is quite expensive.)

Yes, I know it's not period (it's only been around since 1993, after
all!), but I'd like to make some of my own jewelry and clothing
ornamentation without having to get into "real" metalworking.


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