[Northkeep] A&E's French Revolution program

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Mon Jan 17 06:38:26 PST 2005

Caught a bit about the A&E TV series to be shown tomorrow.

The producers could not get access to Versailles for filming so they found a place that looks amazingly like it.  

A place called Vaux-Le-Vicompte.  

Those who attended "France for the SCA tourist" should recognize the name.   This place was commissioned by the Royal Chancellor of the Exchequer.  When it was finished he hosted a party for all the notables of the court including the King.  The King saw it, decided it was nicer than his dig's, convicted the Chancellor of embezzlement, and then hired the same archetect to make him a similar place but 5 times as large and opulent.  The King's new place...Versailles.   If anyone ever makes it to Paris Vaux-Le_vicompte is on the Southern outskirts of Paris and being relatively unknown does not have 5000 screning kids and other assorted tourists annoying you.  Definately a must see, and thanks to A&E you can...sort of

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