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My aunt is trying to help someone find a home for a puppy.  If you would 
like to see the pictures, e-mail me privately at steldr at cox.net and I will 
send them to you.


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 Ann found this little puppy and is looking for a home for it.   She looks 
scared in some of the pictures because she didn't like the camera flash. 
Ann says it look like she has also been spayed.  They will give the crate 

I found a very nice puppy on Sunday afternoon at 34th & Delaware.  She 
appears to be a terrier/bull mix (jack russel, old english, pit, etc...?) 
about 3-4 months old.  She has a very sweet personality and seems to be in 
good health.  She has short white hair with some large tan areas on her 
body.  She has a white face with a tan area encircling one eye.  Her ears 
are large and upright and she has a long tail (which wags a lot).

I have been crating her and she really seems to like the crate and goes in 
without any trouble and stays there without crying.  She responds very well 
to voice directions and is a very, very, very intelligent little dog. 
Mostly, she is in need of attention which she prefers even to food.

We already have 3 dogs in our home and cannot keep a 4th for very long. 
This puppy is very friendly towards people and has not had any trouble 
mixing with my 3 dogs in the house and back yard ( 2 blue heelers and a 
welsh corgi).  Yesterday evening, she joined us (family and dogs) in the den 
for TV watching and was very well behaved (no accidents).  She really likes 
to cuddle.

Any help in finding a permanent or foster home for this sweet puppy would be 
appreciated.  I would be willing to make a donation to your organization to 
help with her care.

Looking forward to hearing from you all soon.  My husband is anxious for her 
to go somewhere else.
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