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I know what a waterbearer is, in the past I worked as both a Waterbearer and 
a Chirugeon and know that one working as either answers to the CIC 
(Chirugeon In Charge). My question still stands, is WBIC something official 
within the SCA or just a made up title? If it is something official within 
the SCA, could you please tell me where I can read about it?


>Quoting zubeydah at northkeep.org>:
>*smile* No, this certainly isn't something that I made up.  The Waterbearer 
>a deputy of the Chirurgeon, just as the Webminister is a deputy of the
>Chronicler. It is a Kingdom, Regional, and Group level position. Last year,
>prior to Queen's Champion, I held both the Regional and group position.
>Currently, the Baronial WBIC is Montega Blackdragon.
>Unfortunately, the resources have not always been available to develop
>knowledge about, participation in, and training for, waterbearing here in 
>North, or in the kingdom as a whole. Our current Kingdom Waterbearer, Lady
>Genvieve de la Gamba, has worked tirelessly with Lord Arkell, our Kingdom
>Chirurgeon, to help turn that around. One of my jobs as northern regional
>waterbearer is to support them in that goal by raising awareness, and 
>folks to do the job. There's a lot more to it than mindlessly toting a milk 
>or two and bellowing "Water! Gatorade!"
>We've developed Kingdom-wide standards for sanitization for events in
>Ansteorra, using the new 'non-contact' rules, and have worked to
>reduce 'partisan' waterbearing at large scale events. This training and 
>standards formalizes and acknowledges the 'chain of command' on the field, 
>also provides a general overview of the primary health concerns facing
>combattants. (How to recognize Heat Exhaustion, Heat Stroke, etc.)
>Here in the north, I've personally put over 30 people through training 
>in the last year. The class details the core functions of the waterbearer, 
>aforementioned new standards, and lasts about an hour and a half. After the
>class, the individuals recieve a yellow non-contact authorization card that
>allows them to serve on the field.  I've also been helping groups in
>Wiesenfeuer, Mooneschadowe, and Namron set up guilds, and am in 
>with various Cantons to help them do the same.
>I'm also working as Regional to 'raise the bar' on the standard of service
>provided, by trying to demonstrate the clear link between exemplary
>waterbearing service to combattants, staff, and participants, to more 
>events as a whole. Unfortunately, sometimes it does all come down to the
>Almighty Buck. Providing services does cost money. Some groups in the North
>understand that. Some don't, and *expect* waterbearers to pay for their own
>supplies. (Thankfully, Northkeep is not one such group.)
>Probably more answer than you were hoping for....
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