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I have not felt attacked, only misunderstood the question you were attempting to ask. Email's greatest limitation is that as a form of conversation, it sometimes creates a greater void in communication than it fills. 

When I was initially approached about being the Northern Regional, the term that the Kingdom Waterbearer used was WBIC. So, that is what I have used. Since becoming the Regional about a year and a smidge ago, I have, generally, been serving as the WBIC for every event I've attended. So the two have been synonymous in my mind.  It wouldn't be incorrect to say that I'm a prior NK WBIC  :-)  I've certainly done it plenty. 

Speaking with precision: You're correct: I'm the Northern Regional Waterbearer.  I'll be more mindful of initials in the future, so as not to confuse or mislead anyone. I certainly don't try to claim anything more than what I am: Someone devoted in service to the health and comfort of the mighty warriors of Ansteorra and the Known Worlde.  No more, no less.


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  I have received many private responses to my question. The best way for me 
  to respond to them all I think is here. When I have a question and can't 
  find the answer on line, I ask people. When I did ask a few different people 
  privately and couldn't get a direct answer, I thought there might be more 
  people who would like a to know.

  I am not trying to attack zubeydah and if I have or do come across that way 
  I did not and do not mean to and I sincerely do apologize, I am only trying 
  to get someone to teach us about the WBIC tag that zubeydah tags most of her 
  e-mail with. The way I understand things the tag should be Northern Regional 
  Waterbearer or NRWB and not Northern Regional WBIC, Prior NK WBIC. I also 
  understand that at an event is the only time that there is someone named as 
  a WBIC and only for that event. If I am wrong, please show me the 

  In Service,

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