[Northkeep] [Northkeep1] New Map and McAlester

Burke McCrory bmccrory at tax.ok.gov
Thu Jan 20 10:55:14 PST 2005

At 10:02 AM 1/20/2005, you wrote:
>As Per Rundels (at that time we were Gnomanvale) original Charter we were 
>not part of northkeep but part of Namron. There was a big hubub and we 
>were "Temporarily" placed under northkeep and it stuck. When the Canton 
>was Shut down We were under no mans land... which means we didnt belong to 
>anyone, this came straight from crown when questioned.
>Chass of Rundel of Ansteorra aka of the SCA aka
>Charinthalis Del Sans of the portable Chariot
>Honorable Recruiter of the House of the Red Shark (Have you seen my 
>Belaying Pin??)
>Maison Du Corsaire Rouge
>Muddeler of Mead, Ailment of Ale, Whiner of wine.

Actually Chass you were never formally a part of Namron but were a stand 
alone College for several years.  Back then groups could sponsor a new 
branch without them being a formal branch.   Then after a time as a stand 
alone group some admin & reporting problems came up and you were put under 
Wiesenfeuer's care (you were not a canton but more like under 
probation).  Later it was decided by your populace that the group would 
rather be a canton of Northkeep and we (Wiesenfeuer) released you to the 
Barony of Northkeep as their canton.  All of this was done with the Crowns 
involvment and approval and the participation of the populace in 
Rundel/Gnome Vale.  I know that at least one vote was taken of the populace 
before the group became a canton.  One more point.  When a group is a 
Canton (or Stronghold) of a Barony its lands are part of the barony.  If 
that group is dissolved the lands are still part of the Barony.  That is 
why Altus, Oklahoma is part of Eldern Hills after the Stronghold of Falcons 
Ridge was shut down.


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