[Northkeep] Rambling (was January Saga)

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 31 10:48:44 PST 2005

>From: "LRA" <LRA at olpdsl.net>
>...I also know that for some financial considerations were keeping them 
>being able to have our newsletter.

Oh, absolutely.  And it makes a lot of sense to do it electronically.  
Particularly since the paper circulation has been so poor.  I'm not actually 
complaining - I'm just wanting to keep the point out there so we don't 
forget it completely.

And Ian, you are right -- that's exactly the reason that I'm still getting a 
paper copy (well, that and if I ever get back to binding the stupid things, 
you can't bind electronic copies.).

>...As always, Diarmaid, it is good to have people in the group who help 
>out for others. I really do appreciate your concerns and your advice with
>this project. And I also appreciate all the work you've done for every 
>with your Medieval year series.

I promised to write articles, you get articles :)

Over the years I've been in situations where it would have been nice for 
someone to have been a harping fishwife for me (sometimes it happened, 
others it didn't), so I try to do it when I can  (We're just lucky this 
isn't one of my psychotic hot topic buttons, just for example - referring to 
certain awards as "landless white trash" ("landless court trash" is bad 
enough, but with the other I can get really unpleasant  -- and I hate having 
to bar myself from posting to the list :)  ).


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