[Northkeep] PSA: Fruit for winemaking (and other things)

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Mon Jun 6 12:44:01 PDT 2005

I've received the summer order form from Bithell Farms for the frozen

The order deadline is July 11 so I need your orders by the 8th.  Payment
is made at pickup.  Delivery will be some time in early Sept. (They call
about a week ahead of time and give me the date, time, and place for

Some of the fruits are available as whole in boxes or puree in buckets.

The prices below are list.  As long as we get a group total of 10 units
they'll knock off $3 per unit.  If we can't get 10 units together they
won't even put us on their delivery list.

Blackberries	$31 	Whole or Puree
Red Raspberries   $34 	Whole or $31 Puree
Boysenberries	$31	Whole or Puree
Blueberries		$34	Whole
Strawberries	$31	Whole or Puree
Loganberries	$31	Whole or Puree
Pie Cherries	$31	Pitted
Sweet Cherries	$34	Pitted
Peaches 		$31	Sliced
Apricot 		$31	Halves
Apples		$27	Peeled and sliced
Rhubarb		$27	2" pieces

Let me know folks...


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