[Northkeep] Youth Rapier at Guardian

Ron greddi66 at juno.com
Sun Jun 19 14:16:49 PDT 2005

I should see him at school tonight and pass the message on.
He has metiontioned that the new address is the same except its not on
Prodigy anymore.  I'll ask him tonight about email update.


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> I don't have Facon's e-mail addy here with me and I know he's not on the
> mailing list.  Would someone make sure that he gets this?
> Mercedes
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> Greetings, all;
> Lord Redulf tells me he has arranged with HL Therese to do youth rapier
> alongside the Insignante Tournament on Sunday morning of Guardian, and
> wishes me to pass along that there will be trinket prizes for points of
> merit based on:
> - Overall honorable conduct
> - Best display of Cavalier attitude (interpretation left for the
> participants to decide)
> - Best death (extra points for those who are comforted by someone from the
> appropriate gender as they pass from this mortal veil)
> - anything else that comes to his mind at the time
> He also asks that someone on the Northkeep list pass this along there?
> See you there,
> Chandra
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