[Northkeep] Hey Heralds (was Castellan Awards)

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To change an OP entry, there are two processes (it depends on what you
are changing).

If you need your name changed, then you have to contact the Zodiacus
Herald (listed in Black Star) and note that you have awards listed under
<Name A> (and possibly also under <Name B>, <Name C>, etc.) and your
actual name is <Name Real>.  Could they consolidate your awards under
your <Name Real>?  If <Name Real> is registered, this is easier because
they can check the O&A to verify registered spelling.

If your change is a missing award that needs added (make sure to first
check any old names you have used or common misspellings of your name in
case it is listed but the name is wrong), then you need to send the
Zodiacus Herald a photocopy or scan copy of the charter you received.
If you do not have the charter (never had one, lost it, etc.), then you
still contact the Zodiacus Herald and let them know what is missing, the
event it was read into law from, dates, who was the Crown, etc.  They
will then work with you to get the necessary information from the Crown
(previous or current) to certify the award and make the entry.

Star Principal Herald

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>From: "Stephanie Drake" <steldr at cox.net>
>Perhaps if we talk about it enough he'll make it an official
>change..........................  Actually, we got award recs in both
>for him which is why we went with the OP - figured it was safe.

Let's ask the Heralds -- so, how DOES one actually change what's in the

I know that in my case, the similarity to what's in the OP and to
I'm using at any given moment isn't a huge one, so such mispellings
that big a deal.  However, clearly this isn't the case for everyone.


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