[Northkeep] Congratulations to our new Champions, and Thanks.

Faolan Macfarland faolanmacfarland at cox.net
Thu Jun 9 20:45:15 PDT 2005

As Seneschal of Northkeep, I want to send out my personal thanks to many who
made this event run well and those that helped with prizes and many other
functions. I know I am missing some but I wanted to name as many as I could
because you all made the event work much easier and a much better event.
Thank you.

To our Autocrats, Lady Amandy & Lady Keigan - and of course their family
that assisted often, Thormund, Crystal, Kevin, Cole, JP and Bree.

To our Feast Steward, Lady Janet of Chemin Noir with her out standing help
of Ottakar, Gabrielle, Graylon, Fintan, fintan's mom,Damon(wookie), Damon,
Ismet, Kelandra and I am sure others I am missing so please pass on my
thanks for feast work. Also to Aeflwyn for running the servers. And to all
the servers who helped get the food out, I know I saw a Kate, Nicki, Tim,
Kita, Therese, Wilhelm, Angelique and I am sure there were many more I
missed that should be appreciated for their work.

To Hall set up, Elizabeta, Aeflwyn, Renault, Damon, Ismet, Hugo, Navarre

To those who ran competions, assisted in competions or kept everyone
watered,  Geoffrey, Blackmoon,  Thormund, JP, Kormak,  Owen,Dagmar,  Elodie,
Anaka, Facon, Kale,  Angelique, Ian, Catan, Rayhanna, Zubeydah, Aline,
Renault. I know I am missing waterbearers, Lady Rayhanna, please make sure
to thank them.

To those who offered prizes or Raffle prizes, Thormund & Amanda, Elizabeta &
Beorthlic, Ainar & Mercedes, Zahava, Ian & Kelandra, Zubeydah, Anawyn,
Lucan, Caerl, Tim & Therese, Angelique & Wilhelm.

For Tokens, Amanda, thormund, Anawyn, Grisela, Debroah, kelanda, Mercedes, &
Keigan & Therese assisting.

For scrolls,  Rosamund, Grisela,  Baroness Elyane of Eldern, Amanda

For Gate,Renault (soon to be our official Reeve), Ettiene, mercedes,
Angelique, Aelfwyn, Beorthlic, rihcard, Damon, ismet, Whihelm, Elizabeta,
Gisela, Tamberlain, & Conall.

For assisting in set up, taken down & clean up, Damon & Ismet, Conall,
Caerl, Geoffrey, Blackmoon, Ainar, Fintag, Greylon, Ottakar, Thormund, Ayla
& Asric of Moonshadow, Beorthlic, Elizabeta, Kelandra, Ian, Tim, Therese,
Debroah,  aelfyn & Rick, Damon (wookie), Wynthrif, Angus McGunn and a
special thanks to our newest members to Northkeep & this being their first
event, Celine and her husband (who I cant rember his name) that took on

For Heralds, Zahava, Aline, Ian, Ivo, .. as I know I am missing many others
who lended their voice.

Lastly, a thank you to Ainar & mercedes who are always there for setup, take
down, clean up & anything else.

And always, a thank you to my lord, Conall, who keeps me sane.

Lady Faolan

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> Well, my feet have almost recovered, and I'd like to say
> congratulations to our new champions.
> Our Baronial Castellan: Ld. Arthur Blackmoon
> Drighton (Heavy): Kinoshito Yoshimoto (spelling is BUTCHERED)
> Provost (Light): Ld Facon DuPray
> Artisan: HL Magdalena de Cadamosto
> Bard: HL Bianca della Vittoria
> Archer: Ld Geoffrey Makepeace
> Marksman (Thrown Weapons): Ld. Thormund Blackwolf
> Youth Castellan: Elanor
> Children's Castellan: Krys Blackwolf
> Thanks go out to: Lady Janet for a terrific feast, Don Navarre for all
> of his help in the hall, all of those who helped at gate,  and ran the
> lists.
> Ly Angelique, I couldn't have done this w/o you!
> HE Elisabetta and HE Beorthlic, thank you for all your help.
> Ly Zubeydah, thanks for doing everthying I asked of you.
> Thanks to Ly Rosamund, HL Ian for the scrolls. To the Ly Gisela...you
> saved my behind.
> House Halfiras, you rock.
> To my co-autocrat, thanks for picking up where I dropped the ball.
> I'm sure I've forgotten someone, and I apologize for not naming you,
> but thank you anyway.
> Lady Amanda Blackwolf,
> Castellan, co-autocrat
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