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"Wolves of the sea" was actually part of a kenning I think and are still 
named that by nickname. They are named that because of their pack-hunting 
techniques.  They will pack-hunt seals by some of the pod driving the seals 
into other orca's waiting jaws.

The vikings and icelanders were very descriptive of everything around them 
and were very poetic in many cases.  Even if one word would be enough, they 
would very often poeticize even trivial things because it sounded better.  
Even instead of just saying "Odin", they would call him "the One Eye", "The 
Father of Battle" and I dont know how many other things that all described 
"The all-father".  Some of the greatest Viking warriors were also poets of 
great renown.  Egil Skallergrimson was a renowned warrior but was even more 
renowned as a great poet.

Cearl, he who is having a wonderful time reading the Icelandic sagas

"Wisdom begins in wonder" - Socrates

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>According to my first Knight Sir Eric who actually had college level 
>in Old Norse Orcas were known as "wolves of the sea."  Exactly how that
>translates I haven't a clue.
>Riddari Balvin
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> > I mentioned in a previous email that Hval is the Norse version of the 
> > for whale.  Howver, in reading one of the old Icelandic sagas, they use
> > word "Hwal".  they are close but I would use the older icelandic version
> > the word versus the Newnorsk version.
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> > Cearl, he who loves the Icelandic sagas
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