[Northkeep] Fw: Wood burning camping forge.

Jennifer Carlson talana1 at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 24 19:13:54 PDT 2005

There's a period version of this - it's called a bellows.  Only instead of 
batteries, you use a servant, child, apprentice, or your own elbow grease.

I'm intrigued by the forge-inspired design, though.  It would seem to work 
the same way as some period stoves (and yes, stoves did exist - they go back 
to Roman times), with an enclosed firebox.


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>Subject: [Northkeep] Fw: Wood burning camping forge.
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>OK, so it's not exactly what I thought it was going to be "forge-wise",
>but it's still kinda cool (for those who like to cook over a fire at
>events but hate waiting for the flame to get high enough):
>(aka-VW Chris)
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