[Northkeep] call me about house hold stuff

LRA LRA at olpdsl.net
Fri Mar 4 08:52:16 PST 2005

hi guys,

I really appreciate all the inquiries you guys have sent requesting info about my parents' household goods. I will be happy to answer questions or hold things if you want them.

But in  a few minutes I will be out of e-mail access all day and won't be able to give you info or hold something for you if you are interested unless you call me. 

Feel free to cal me on my cell 232-8347 and let me know if you want info or definitely want me to mark something "sold" for you. Like I said, I'd be far happier for their stuff to go to people I know and who will appreciate nice things than to strangers. And my brother put an ad in the paper today and others are calling.

Thanks for all your help.

Lynn the Inquisitive

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