[Northkeep] Bois d'arc event this weekend.

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Mon Mar 7 06:49:45 PST 2005

This event  in Calontir is being hosted by the group just across the border in Kansas.  The site is near Joplin so call it ~2 hours from Tulsa.    Good group of folks.  Master Allen Darkdale and his gracious lady Mistress Rigella came to the practice in Chemin Noir on Sunday.  

For the fighters the tourney operates on an interesting premise which should make it entertaining.  

Visit calontir.org then select the March Warden link for a map.


Weary travelers on your way to war, Take Note! Visit our event to take your ease at our tavern, or just stop by to practice your arts of war. 
The March Warden Tourney will be a Swiss Five fighting and archery tourney using counted blows. Participants in the tourney receive a number of counted blows based on the results of the archery shoot before each round. The number of points shot in archery adds to the participants base two blows. Once the number of blows are determined, the participants fight a one-on-one bout with one each of five different weapons systems (sword and shield, two weapon, polearm, two handed sword, and single sword).

Other activities and Contact People:
Paid Evening Feast. Go here for the Menu. (Seating Limited To 80)
Silent Auction, Contact Her Ladyship Aethelthritha sthilda664 at yahoo.com for more info.
K-5th Grade Children's Activities (Viking Adventure) Contact Mæva Daggsdotter farmgal at terraworld.net for more info
Regular Archery Competition Contact Leif of Crescent Moon locm at osprey.net
Rush Classes and A & S Contest: All categories are encouraged to come and compete against one another. Kingdom criteria will be used to serve as a guideline for judging, so bring thy documentation. Performance arts will perform during evening feast. Non-competitors may also perform at feast. Submissions with alcoholic content will be allowed. Contact Lady Johanna johanna66725 at yahoo.com for more info on either.
Post Revel
Crash Space Available On Site The event site opens at 6:30p.m. on March 11th, 2005 and runs thru the 12th, and closes March 13th at Noon, at the Crawford County Fair Grounds, 250 East Highway 47/57, Girard Kansas 66743-2170.
Note This Is A New Site With Enough Buildings To Have Everything Under Roof In Case Of Undesirable Weather. 

>From the west take Highway 47/57 which runs East and West through Girard Ks. (Go here for a MapQuest map) Go 1 and 1/2 miles East of Girard, just past county road 160th, or from the east, take Highway 47/57 towards Girard Ks. to just past county road 170th, on the south side of the highway is the Crawford County Fair Grounds. Follow the signs to troll.

Site Is Wet (Period Containers Only) Contact Revel Officer Gunnora chan_ri at hotmail.com for more info.
Showers and Bathrooms on site. 
Camping On Site Included In Site Fee.
Member Adult Site Fee $6.00
Non Member Adult Site Fee $9.00
Child (17 to 5) Site Fee $3.00
Child (4 and under) Site Fee $FREE
Adult Merchant (bring your own table) Fee $5.00
Adult Merchant (we supply table) Fee $11.00
Extra Table Fee $6.00
Evening Feast Fee $6.00

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