[Northkeep] Winemaking class

Niewoehner, Hugh hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Tue Mar 8 08:51:35 PST 2005

Hello everybody,

As announced at NK populous meeting, I am going to hold a winemaking
class at the home of Ismet and I in early April.  You'll participate in
the end-to-end process of making and bottling wine.   We will start a
wine, deal with one in mid-process, and bottle a wine all within a
four-five hour period.  

Due to the amount of area we have to work in I have to limit class size
so if you are interested and being part of the class please send me a
note _off-list_.  

It looks like either Sat. April 2nd or 9th are the dates which work
within my often tortured schedule.  I realize these dates conflict with
Medfair/Crown and Stargate respectively but...  

If we start about noon we should be finished early enough for those who
have regular Sat. evening plans.   

Please send RSVP's to hniewoehner at netscape.net and include which date
works best.  I'd like to reach a consensus on the date quickly.  



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