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Medfair info for Norman.

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> From: Ulf Gunnarsson <ulfie at cox.net>
> Date: 2005/03/11 Fri AM 04:17:03 EST
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> Subject: [Ansteorra-announce] Medieval Faire or Crown?
> Greetings, oh you oddly dressed people.  Are you in a play or something?
> Twenty nine years ago the first Medieval Faire was held in Norman,
> Oklahoma.  Some S.C.A. people put on a demo at one of the early Faire's
> and out of this came the Shire of, and then, the Barony of Namron.  And
> the S.C.A. has been there ever since.
> So if you aren't going to Crown, how about coming to a demo? Do you
> remember being 12 years old and daydreaming about being a knight or a
> juggler or the monarch of a great kingdom?  There are about 300,000 such
> people coming to the Faire, and the S.C.A. is putting on three solid
> days of demo at it.  We in Namron thank all of you who help us with this
> every year, but we could always use a few more people.
> We need fighters, especially ones who don't mind fighting off and on for
> three days.  We will gladly take dancers and performers as well.  We
> will have an Arts and Science tent with many things on display and some
> folks to explain it all.  We will have siege engines, an armory, and
> folks making arrows. If that is not enough, we'll have a castle wall
> with functioning gate for you fighters.
> Think of what you do in the S.C.A. and how you would explain it to a
> modern person.  That is what we will be doing, all day, every day.  We
> really could use the help.
> If you are planning to bring anything that takes up space, such as a
> pavilion, please contact us before the Faire, as the space we get does
> have its limits.  Lord Magnus StrongAxe is the coordinator this year and
> is trying to arrange it such that any of our pavilions along the crowd
> flow are working pavilions where the crowd is encouraged to ask
> questions.  We will have a hospitality tent for you to store your gear
> and get a snack and something to drink during the day.
> Norman is on I-35, almost in the middle of Oklahoma.  It is three or
> four hours to Wichita, KS and the same to Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX.  You
> probably drive at least that far for events, and demos are more fun is
> some ways (like overacting your "death" on the field).  A map to the
> Faire can be seen at:
> http://medievalfair.occe.ou.edu/location.html
> If you have any questions, Her Excellency or I will be happy to answer
> them, as will our Medieval Faire Liaison (Lord Magnus), and our
> seneschal (Honorable Lord Barat).  Please come support the S.C.A. as the
> visitors from several states descend upon us.
> Ulf Gunnarsson
> Baron of Namron
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