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Vivat and congratulations to Hersir Thorgrim Northkeep!


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Greetings Ansteorra!

My heartfelt thanks to all who attended and helped with Queen's Children's College/Defender of the Heirs.  Congrats and a hearty VIVAT! to the new Defenders of the Heirs: Armored Combat - HE Thorgrim Northkeep, Rapier Combat - Ld. Rudolf (sp?), Archery - Ld. Gruffydd ap Artorius, Bardic - Mi'Ldy Brianna.  Everyone competed with great honor and skill.  You all most certainly did the children of Ansteorra proud!

My thanks also to the many good gentles who gave their time and shared their talents as instructors for the college.  In spite of a few "no-shows", we were able to find enough stand-in instructors and only had to cancel one class.  All the children were busy running from one class to another and having a grand time.

Thank you also to Contessa Vanessa for coordinating the classes for the College, Ldy Cerridwen for a wonderful feast, and to TE of Eldern Hills, Michel & Elayne for sponsoring the event.  Without you all and your support, this event would not have been the success it proved to be.

The new site turned out to be a hit.  I received many compliments and positive comments about Camp Kate.  The weather could have been better, but it was forecast to be much worse.  The rain passed us by so all we had to deal with were cool temps and the good old North Ansteorran wind.

Thank you again to one and all who attended!

In service,

HL Adria Lorelle
Event Steward
Queen's Children's College/Defender of the Heirs

Fortitudo et Honestus


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