[Northkeep] Practice This week and Other things.

KormakrValrson vernkeys at cox.net
Tue Mar 29 06:55:57 PST 2005

After talking to the populace there will be an unnoficial practice on Wednesday.(I won't be there) Sir John Paul has expressed interest in attending.I have spoken with Sir Balvin and if the Weather is decent he says he is also up for a practice on Wednesday and Thursday. So as long as the weather holds there will be practice Thursday also. So come out both days if you can .

Next as I have taken on a large project here at work the demands on my time are becoming greater. (I have to work late and some Saturdays now)I am looking for a deputy. If you are interested please contact me off list. Vernkeys at cox.net

Drottinn Kormakr Valrson
Knight Marshal Northkeep

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