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Thought this would interest our Youth Rapier community!


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Just to let you all know:

While Adult Rapier Authorizations have expired on the same schedule as Chivalric
Fighting Authorizations, there has been no change in the Youth Rapier Program.

As long as you have a bright yellow Youth Authorization card
and it has not expired then you are still authorized to participate
as either a marshal or fighter in the Youth Rapier Program.

The rules are being rewritten right now. ALL Youth Rapier
Authorizations WILL expire
on a certain date in the future but that has not been determined yet.
I will allow a
sufficient time period in which to renew authorizations. You will have
to read over the
new rules before you can get reauthorized.

If you have a Youth Authorization card and want to be notified
directly when the date is
set please send me your name, your authorization expiration and your
email address
and I will notify you  when the date is set.  I will also attach a
copy of the new rules.

All of this will not happen until the new set of rules has been
approved. They are still in
process. If you have any concerns or comments about the Youth Rapier
Program, NOW
is the time to give me that feed back. It is almost too late.

Claire Shayhan
Kingdom Youth Rapier Marshal
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