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Well, the cheapest new bow you can find is a fiberglass longbow, usually plain black or red with the logo "indian chief" or something like that.  You can find these 30# bows in 'youth archer kits' or at Arrowhead Archery for about $30-40 (mine was $35)  This is one of the most common combat archery bows - cause they are cheap and nigh-indestructable.
Sometimes you can find used bows in pawnshops that carry bow hunting gear - get someone to shop with you who can look to see if it is warped or cracked.
Arrows are a bit harder to come by.  Lots of people make their own, but that takes equipment.  Any arrow that has a wooden shaft, a metal target point, and (hopefully) real feather fletches can be used for SCA target archery.  No aluminium, no carbon, no fiberglass.
A cheap bow is often a light bow (not a heavy poundage pull)  and will work well with arrows of a smaller diameter.
You can buy individual arrows at mall-wart, athletic super-stores, archery supply stores, or there is always the internet.
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Annie Hutson <blubell_14 at yahoo.com> wrote:
Okay, I am ready to start checking into archery
equipment. I need a bow. A cheaper bow is fine for
now. And I need some arrows. My brother would like
some arrows too. I plays in Calintir. My goal is to
have my equipment and be ready to compete by Lilly's. 
How do I go about ordering the equipment?

Your new archer,

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