[Northkeep] Thursday Practice

Tamberlin tamberlinofnk at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 30 11:20:59 PST 2005

oh dear merciful heavenly father....not another one ;)

who is back on her asthma regament and starting to get
back in shape....armour soon to follow

--- Ciana <ciana at nordsteorra.org> wrote:
> Man she is starting to sound like another young
> fighter we used to have (of 
> course, I can't remember his name now...:( but I'm
> sure the fighters know who 
> I mean).........until he ran away to the Navy to get
> away from our 
> fighters!!  ;)  
> Quoting Abigaile <abigaile_sca at yahoo.com>:
> > It's supposed to rain Thursday, if weather is nice
> I might come out after
> > class to grace yall with my presense :) .... And
> if I remember to bring all
> > my aurmour this time I might even let yall beat on
> me for a bit, If you can
> > keep up that is :) . Hope everyone had a Happy
> Easter.
> >  
> >                                                   
> >             -Abby

Sooo... what does one do to get a Bow so Cross that it wants to kill?????

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