[Northkeep] Musicians' practice tonight

Patti McCullough toinettec at yahoo.com
Mon May 2 10:47:10 PDT 2005


It's first Monday again, so Musicians' practice
tonight, my house, 7:30.  Anyone who plays anything
(or has something that he wants to teach himself to
play) is welcome.  Bring your instruments, and we'll
sightread some easy music.  Since I haven't sent
directions to the list in a couple of months, the
directions to my house are included below.


My house is at 6163 S. Zunis Ave.  Go to the
intersection of 61st and Lewis.  Coming from Harvard
on 61st, go straight through the intersection.  From
71st on Lewis, turn left onto 61st.  From 51st on
Lewis, turn right onto 61st.  There will be a Texaco
and a strip mall on your left, and an Ace Hardware, a
dollar store, and a Firestone on your right.  Right
past the Southern Hills Laundry at the end of the
strip mall is a dead-end street that only turns left. 
That's South Zunis.  Turn left there.  If 61st Street
narrows to two lanes, you missed the turn.  

Once you're on Zunis, it's a very short road.  You'll
pass a private drive on your left and come to a set of
three driveways on your left, each with two garage
doors.  My house is the first garage door on the
second driveway.  Llyw's big, blue truck will probably
be parked there.  The garage door is also marked with
the house number:  6163.  

Feel free to park anywhere on my side of the
driveway--There's room for three cars besides Llyw's
truck--but please don't block the garage door next
door.  Please also don't park in front of the houses
across the street; the people who live there get very
worked up about people parking in
front of their house.  Being wildly optimistic here,
overflow parking is available just a dozen yards or so
away from my driveway, at the Energy Institute
Building at the corner of 61st and Zunis, which will
be closed long before 7 o'clock in the evening.

If the garage door is open, feel free to come on in to
the inner door.  But knock before entering the inner
door, please; I don't want the cats to get out.  If
the garage door is closed when you get there, walk all
the way around the building to my front door.   It's
marked, although not very clearly, with the house
number:  6163.  I'll try to remember to turn the porch
light on.

If you get lost, or if my directions aren't clear
enough, give me a call; I'll make sure to have my
phone nearby.  My number is 918-645-2556.

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