[Northkeep] Kingdom of Heaven Movie demo is on for Saturday

j.t.herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 3 12:25:56 PDT 2005

Greetings Northkeep,
Last evening I was finally able to speak with the Movie theater manager at
the Cinemark in Tulsa (71st and 169) about doing the demo for Kingdom of
Heaven. She was looking forward to it. So how would people feel about moving
fighter practice to the grassy spot next to the theater on this coming
Saturday? I know it is short notice but it could be one of our more
important demos this year and a lot of fun.

People from Moonschadowe on this list who are interested in helping would be
welcome also.

We will need "knights in armor", craftsmen, fair damsels, and bards...

Come out in your best approximation of 12th century or crusades clothing and
help us put on a good show for the movie goers. There is a fair chance that
those participating may receive movie passes...although this is not
guaranteed and if given the passes would not be useable for KoH for the
first two weeks it is in the theater (so form of company policy). Also the
manager is trying to get some movie posters and other goodies for us to pass
out to the crowd while we distribute our SCA brand of education and fun.

If anyone has any chain-mail armor,and weapons that they wouldn't mind
bringing to show off that would be very much appreciated. This will be a big
deal and could not only get us lots of new people but might also generate
enough interest that we could do this again for future  appropriate
historically movies. We will likely need some form of list field, a few
tables, and some sun shades although they should be the non-staked in kind,
and lots of SCA people. Banners and shields also would add the appropriate
air to this demo.

Also I would like to after the demo have a group of us attend a showing of
Kingdom of Heaven on Saturday afternoon in our garb.

If you are interest and can help please let me know ASAP.
Kind regards,

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