[Northkeep] Anyone want some goose feathers?

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Thu May 5 12:43:25 PDT 2005

Hi Everyone!

I was wondering if anyone wants some goose pointers--
they  are the wing or flight feathers.  The make
excellent -- VERY PERIOD-- arrow fletchings and other
items (good for Native American crafts too and just
look darn nifty).  They are between 8"-13".  I only
need 30-40 of them, which I can buy at a $1 a pop, or
I can get 400 of them for $50 or 800 for $70. I'd
really rather but them in bulk but will never go
though 400 feathers. 

If anyone wants to go in with me (even if you just
want a few for a few bucks) please drop me a line or
call me 688-9317. 

If you'd like me to cut them down to ready-to-glue
fletches, I can do that too (or teach you how to do
it, if you want!)


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