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Castellan XVI
Youth Castellan Competition
This year is a new competition with great new prizes for the Youth of Ansteorra. Youths ages 12-17 years can compete to become our next Baronial Youth Castellan. The concept of the Youth Castellan is to determine the best all-around person to watch over and defend the Youth of Northkeep.  Therefore, they need not be the best in any given area, but rather should stand out in many areas.  Therefore, each entrant for the Youth Castellan title must enter not less than three competitions.  Of these one must be a Martial, and one must be either of the Arts/Sciences or Bardic - any other competitions they choose to enter are of their own choice.

The competitions available are:
Youth Rapier
Artisan (a judged A&S competition with at least one page of documentation required)
Marksman (a standard Knife, Axe, and Spear competition)
Quest (a quest to locate and identify members of the various, orders, peerages, and nobility who are present on site)

Upon entering each individual competition, the entrant will notify the person running said competition whether or not he/she is running for the Youth Castellan title. Regardless of who wins the individual competitions, those who are running for Youth Castellan will be assigned points in respect to their placement in the competition.

Example; Erik is competing for Youth Castellan, Erik enters the A&S competition.  Gwyn also enters A&S but is not competing for Youth Castellan.  Gwyn wins the A&S title but Erik has the highest score of the people competing for Youth Castellan so he gets 15 points towards his Youth Castellan score while Gwyn who is not competing for Castellan wins the Artisan competition.

A person does not need to win any given individual competition to win the Youth Castellan, they just have to place higher than anyone else on overall average points.In any given competition, the three highest placing entrants in a category who are competing for the Castellan title will receive, in turn:

Highest Placing:15 Points  
2nd Highest: 10 Points  
3rd Highest: 5 Points 

The total number of points someone who is competing in Youth Castellan has will be divided by the number of competitions that they enter (with a minimum of three: Martial/A&S-Bardic/Other).

Erik got 15 points for the Artisan competition. 10 Points in the Quest, 5 Points in the Bardic Challenge, and did not place in the Marksman competition (for 0 Points).  That's 15+10+5+0 or 30 Points, divided by 4 (the number of events he entered) for a total of 7.5 points.  
Peter received 5 Points in the Artisan, 15 in the Rapier, and 10 Points in the Marksman, for a total of 30/3 or 10 points.  
On the other hand, Katherine received 5 in the Quest, 10 in the Rapier, Artisan and Bard, and 15 in the Marksman and Archer, which would be a total of 65/6 or 10.83+ points, making her the winner!

Should there be a tie in the final scoring, these will be decided by the highest ranking person present who is not from Northkeep, assuming they are willing to make that determination. The Youth who claims the title shall be showered with word fame and really great prizes.

This competition takes place during the Northkeep Castellan event held June the 3-5th at Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp in Cleveland Ok.

Kind Regards,
HL Ian Dun Gillan
(Youth activities Coordinator at Castellan)

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